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Starting A Business

There are a lot of important factors in starting your own business.  Whether it is an online business, or you have a storefront; whatever the case may be, there is a process in getting legitimately set up.  You want to make sure your business is successful.  Here are a few ways to make sure that happens.

Business Name

First off, you need a name for your company.  Yes you might say this is obvious, but it is also crucial.  Your name is what people will remember your business by, tell their friends and family about, and how consumers will find you.  Need help coming up with a name?  Read Naming Your Business to get you started.

Register Your Business Name

After you have chosen your business name you need to register it at your local county clerk’s office.  There they will search and make sure the name is not taken.  If it’s available they will register you as the business owner.  This does require a fee but it’s not expensive.  To register in Texas is about fourteen dollars.

Employer Identification Number

Now that you have registered your business name (go you!) You can apply for your EIN, also known as your employer identification number.  This number is for tax purposes and will also be used when you get ready to set up your very own business bank account.  Also, when applying for EIN you will need to decide what type of business you will register it under.  Such options are Sole Proprietor, Corporation, or Partnership.  You can apply for an EIN by clicking here.

Sales Tax Permit

Depending on your business, you may need to apply for a sales tax permit and/or a business license.  You will need to acquire a sales tax permit if you are selling tangible goods that require taxes.  Check with your state to see if you are required by law to report sales tax and if so what you sales tax percentage is.  This service is normally free to apply.  Receiving your permit could take four to six weeks.


Now that you are officially a legitimate business; (congratulations, by the way!)  You can set up your website.  You’ll want to choose a domain that is easy for your consumers to remember and that has your company name in it some type of way.  If you have a long business name, you will need to shorten it.  Shorter domain names are easily for people to remember when they want to look at your website.

My suggestion on purchasing a domain would be to go through Go Daddy.  They have a search engine that can check to see what domains are available for your business and you can purchase one domain for only ninety-nine cents.  Yes! $0.99!  Get yours here also offers a website builder.  I personally use weebly for my website builder.  I have been using it for many years and it is very user friendly.
Other sites are wordpress, wix, web, and even vistaprint has one.


Another thing to consider is if your business sells things, how are you going to accept payments?  Are your customers going to be able to purchase things off your website?  There are several sites that offer ways to accept online payments, shopify, square, paypal, to name a few.  Everyone has different fees and rates, you just have to decide which one is best for you and your business.  I personally use square.


Are you selling physical goods?  How are you going to get your items to your consumers?  There’s a site called Endicia which allows your to print shipping labels from home and schedule USPS pickups at your home or storefront.  It’s that easy!  There are others out there, but this one I like the most.  It doesn’t have different rates and packages to choose from which is also what I like.
Please share what your business is.

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