Naming Your Business

When I first started blogging I remember I had the hardest time trying to come up with the name for my site.  I just sat there and brainstormed several different names while trying to come up with clever ones.  I think that to me was the hardest part of starting my blog.  Finally, I decided on yours truly, The Fit Hanna.  Why?  Well, I knew I wanted to write about my fitness goals and whether I’d achieve them or not.  I also knew I wanted to write about finances and other life struggles.  So, The Fit Hanna just seemed like it could cover most of those bases; writing about being financially, emotionally, and physically fit.

You want to start a business or already have one, but you don’t have a name.  The name of your business is very important.  It is what is going to attract people.  The name is what they will use to search for you and tell other people about your business as well.
Think about what your business offers.  Depending on what your business offers you can incorporate that into the name.  Maybe you have a cupcake shop, and specialize only in cupcakes; then you could name it “Specialty Cupcakes” or “Cupcake Cuties”, or something like that.

Take my boutique for instance, Dolls N Dumbbells.  The “dolls” is the casual clothing of my boutique and the “dumbbells” is for the cute athletic wear (which is currently unavailable at the moment), but that’s where the name came from in case you were curious.

Make sure you think very hard about your business name.  Don’t make it too complicated for people to misunderstand you or do any special spellings.  You want your customers to be able to find you easily.  If they can’t spell your company name they won’t be able to search and find you.

Also, consider using your own name in your business name.  It definitely depends on what your company does; but see if it could work for you.  Maybe you want to start a rental company; in that case your name could be perfect, ex. Waldon Rental Investments, Blair Property Management, etc.

Don’t just pick one name.  Make a list of a few options and number them from favorite to least favorite.   Be sure to search and see if the name is already taken.  Sometimes just doing a general search will eliminate some of your options.

Once you have your list of business names you need to go to your local county clerk and register your business name.  The reason I want you to make a list is just in case your name has already been taken.  That way you have a back up name that you have already given some thought and you won’t have to leave the office and make another trip.

Once your business name is registered you’re in the clear! Congratulations, nobody else can use your business name.

Starting A Business

Now that you have a business name,  make sure you have gone over all the other important factors by checking out Starting A Business.

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