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How to Get a Raise

And What to Ask For Instead of More Money


I have always wondered how successful women make more money or get paid the same as their male coworkers.  This was something I needed to learn because I wanted to be in a higher tax bracket.  I wanted to be able to answer the “how much is your income” question confidently and very proudly.

In most movies, at least the ones I watch,  the female lead is a very successful career driven woman.  So, of course I am thinking, how do I become her?  How did she get that high up on the financial totem poll.  yes, I know it is only a movie but those things happen in real life, too!

My experience in this department comes from recent events.

Very recently at my employer, a very costly employee resigned.  I automatically went into the mindset of “how do I go about asking for a pay increase?”  I knew this employee’s income already seeing how I work in Human Resources and I knew the funds that were now available.

Immediately after her departure,  other higher ups were delegating her workload on myself and a few other coworkers.  Now, when I was thinking of giving myself a raise I also thought of my coworkers and evaluated their workload and work ethic to determine if I, yes me, was going to get them a pay increase as well.  (You might find it crazy, but I am a huge supporter for fighting for women’s pay as long as I believe they deserve it).

After about two or three weeks, I decided it was time to ask for a raise.  Before asking there are a few things you need to evaluate first.


Timing: This should be obvious considering certain people are more likely to approve your increase when they are in a good mood.  It is sad to say, but some if you catch in a foul mood they will automatically deny your request.

Your worthiness:  Yes, this is very important.  Not only should you prepare for how you are going to ask the big question, but you need to be able to back it up.  Your boss wants to know that you are worth it.  What have you done that is super beneficial to the company?  You can do this by preparing a presentation or by simply naming off them.  I would go with a visual though.  Actually seeing the hard work and just hearing words coming out of someone’s mouth is a huge game changer.  Figure out why you deserve it.

What you are asking:  How much are you wanting to be compensated?  Don’t go in there with an open mind, even if you have one.  I first started out with a decent pay for my field and six months later asked for an evaluation and got a raise.  They asked me if that was appropriate.  Then,  I just said yes because quite frankly I’d be happy with whatever I was getting.  Now, I wish I would have planned it out more.  Determining your worth is a worth deal in your career whether you work for someone or work for yourself.

After deciding what your preferred pay increase is and determining if you are worth it, find the right time to sit down and discuss it.  Be confident.  Confidence will show how important this is to you and they are more inclined to take you seriously.  Boldness is a wonderful thing is the career world.  Go get that raise you worked so hard for.


Other compensation ideas:

Option to work from home maybe a one or two days a week.  That will save you money in gas or the cost of transportation.

Ask for a company car, if it is available.  Again, this will save you money.

What is your business title?  Perhaps you want a more businesslike title that will look good for future opportunities.

A better office space.  Everyone is different with their wants and needs and if you only want a bigger office with a lovely view then ask away! Chances are they will give it to you considering you could be asking for a pay increase.

Have you asked for a raise?


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