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How to Build Your Brand

After a Rebrand

Building awareness around your brand is a huge part of business.  Of course you need to let everyone know, right?  I first started blogging last April and I started my blog a completely different way.  (It wasn’t Boss Woman, I recently rebrand).  But almost a year later and I notice my blog had gone in a totally different direction.  It wasn’t a bad thing, but what I started out doing didn’t have anything to do with what I had going on now.  So guess what?  I rebranded.

Rebranding has been very challenging.  I had built up a following, not much but it was a following.  They may have been following me for my first few blog posts and then I changed everything.  Why did I change?  Just one day I stopped talking about health and fitness and started talking finances and business.  I didn’t plan it; it just happened.  It is also something I am thankful for.

There are a few things I did to rebrand.  The first thing was to decide on my new name.  The Fit Hanna just wasn’t going for me anymore and I needed something that would let you know what I was about.  I had a list going and wrote down a few names that sounded good and that I liked a lot.  Before determining a name, I took my list and went on godaddy, who I use as a domain, and searched available domains using my list that I put together.   A few were taken so I would first try to reword it and if it still didn’t work I would mark it off the list.  Guess what was available?  You guessed it!


Now that I had my name I created social media platforms around my newly developed niche.  I don’t use every platform so I only created the ones I use.  You don’t have to have a following on every single social media.  That can cause a sane person to go crazy.  It’s good to only focus on a few.  I have Instagam and Twitter.  I did start a Facebook group for individuals like myself to get encouraged and inspired and to network.  If you’re interested in that you can join here.

After, I started posting a few things on my social media platforms I decided I was going to wait on the announcement.  I did tell my page I was rebranding and more to come but I decided to hold off on posting it everywhere to follow my new page.  Why?  Because I was still in the new phase and I wanted my site to be perfect.  Well, close to it.

What I did next was that I joined various Facebook groups in my niche.  I joined some networking ones and some others that support entrepreneurs. On some days they would network and allow you to post certain things that you were working on, or you post you social media and follow others around your area.  Considering bloggers can write about a huge variety there were lots to choose and follow ones that would interest you.  I would follow and let them know I did.

On my new site I decided I was going to start posting more often.  On the old site I would post maybe once or twice a month and it would always revolve around something different.  So, now I have created a schedule and a list of things I will be writing about this month.  (March blog challenge will be coming and I will be posting everyday! )

One thing that has truly helped me out a lot is Buffer.  It is an app that you can use to schedule social media posts.  I’m not big on posting and can go all week without checking notifications.  I know, that’s not good but I am getting better.  I came across a blog (I’m sorry I don’t remember who’s it was or else I’d share it.) that mentioned a few apps that you can use to organize and schedule posts.  This is a lifesaver.  I use Buffer.  There is another out there called Hootesuite, I haven’t tried it but so far Buffer is working very well for me.  It allows you to link all you social media and schedule posts for certain days and times.

I’m not sure when I am going to make a huge announcement, I guess when I know I’m ready and just right now I am enjoying my time to write and build content for my followers.

Have you rebrand before?  Tell me what you find to be the most difficult.



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