Taking A Break From Your Business

Honestly, do you ever take a break from your business?  It is okay if you do.  I actually encourage this. Taking some time off from your business can benefit not only you, but it can benefit your business.

My work schedule prior to the one I have now was not good for myself.  I was constantly focused on my business.  All the time I was thinking, what can I write?  What can I do to make this look enticing?  I thought so hard and so much about it I would give myself a headache and stress out.

I found myself indifferent with it.  It turned into more of a chore instead of a passion.  As soon as I realized that I knew I had to make a change.

Now,  I have a schedule.  Some might think I am crazy, but along with my businesses (yes, I have more than one) I also work a 9-5, which sometimes turns into a 12 hour shift.  Crazy, I know.  I don’t work my 9-5 because I have, I work it because I love it.  It also provides content for you guys.  I write about experiences I have there.

My morning during the work week looks like this.  Get up around 430am, make coffee, turn on the computer and decide what business I need to work on that morning.  (I only work on my businesses in the morning.  I network through Buffer the rest of the day) By 6am I am getting my son up for school and getting ready for work.  I only work in the mornings because I am more productive at that time.  If you can get more stuff done at night, then I would set aside time at night to work.  By the time I get home from work, I only want to shower and lay down.  I am pretty lazy.

My weekend schedule consists of family time and cleaning the house.  I don’t really ever work on weekends, but the crazy thing is that I found myself sitting here writing.  And today is Saturday.

Schedules aren’t set in stone.  You can play with them, and move things around.  I don’t work my business every single week Monday through Friday and that’s my choice.  But I do work it at least three days a week.


Taking a Vacation

Not an actual vacation, but some time off away from your business.  You could take one if you wanted, please, feel free.  Have you taken time off?  I have taken a refresher from my businesses, it was back when I only had one.  I found myself in a creative rut and I didn’t really decide on a break it just sort of happened.

When taking a break, just remember to go back to doing you.  Don’t lose sight of what you are working so hard on.  Just take a step back every now and then to catch your breath.  Some people get bored or just tired of something one minute and want to move onto something else.  That’s fine to, but that’s when I tell you, if you are in your start up phase; make sure if is something you are willing to put forth sweat and sleepless nights.  (There are times I am laying in bed with so many ideas for content.)  But I don’t get up to do it.  I’ll make a note on the idea so I don’t forget and take a deep breath.  It’ll be there tomorrow.

How do you feel about taking time off from your business?  How often do you do it?



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