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Having Friends in the Same Career Field

Honestly,  I didn’t tell any of my friends about my side hustle until months after I had started.  I suppose fear of judgment took over and had decided to wait until I built up a following without their help.

I only have one friend who has the goal of starting her own business. My other friends love their jobs and don’t care to start a little side business which is totally fine.  Everyone has different goals and desires.  My friend that wants to start her business we can relate.  She hasn’t started it yet and is still in the business plan stage, but I feel that she gets me most out of my other friends.  Why?  The desire to be your own boss.  Yet, I still don’t think I have told her about all of my businesses.  One day I will, they are still growing.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset pretty much means you are going to being work hard to get your business, whatever it is, up and running.  I feel that having other individuals that actually understand that hard work, dedication, and restless nights are a great support system.  These people understand exactly what you are going through and know the sacrifices you are having to take.

Having a few friends in the same career field as you can be very beneficial.  Even if you just go on your Facebook and find groups to join, those people in that group will be supportive and encouraging.  You want to make sure you have someone you can talk to about you obstacles and achievements and that understand the struggle.

There is nothing wrong with your 9-5 friends.  No, really.  There isn’t.  Yes, they love you and they support you.  And I’m sure if you asked them they’d share your business with the world.  (Do you have a referral system?)  Get your good support group going.  You will definitely need it.



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