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How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps


Over the last several years blogging has grown tremendously; whether you are doing it as a hobby or a….jobby.  Blogging is very popular in this day and age and is steadily increasing.  Are you wanting to start a blog?

First step:  What is your niche?  What is it that you will be bringing to the table (or shall I say interest?)  Do you want to write more lifestyle or travel or maybe you want to be like me and write about business and networking.  Whatever you want to write pick a niche that you will be good at (I ended up rebranding after a year)

Second step: Pick your name.  What will you blog be called?  Pick something catchy and relatable.   Honestly, I brainstormed names for about two to three minutes and then went to get a domain and looked to see what was already taken and narrowed it down that way.

Step three: choose your platform.  There are several blogging platforms; weebly, wordpress, blogger.  They all offer different choices for your needs.  I use wordpress and have used weebly in the passed.  So far, I am loving the switch.


Step Four: Sign up with your platform and register a domain.  Honestly,  my first thing (since money was low) I went to and signed up for a 99 cent domain and just had it forward to my wordpress.  So it would look a little more fancy until I can actually have it set up on wordpress.

Step five: Write at least 15-20 blog posts before launching.  This will allow visitors to have a variety to choose from and look through when first visiting your website.  During my rebrand I didn’t announce the new website.  I did wait until I had about twenty posts before fully launching my new website:)

Let me know the name of your blog and I will check it out!


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