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The Best Apps for Business

Buffer- I use Buffer to schedule posts when I am too busy to take the time to actually do them myself.  Plus, I could survive without social media.  So I use the app Buffer, to schedule all my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts.  Also, you can link it to your Pinterest.  There is a limit to the number of accounts you can link for free.  After that, they offer you an upgrade version.

New Arrivals at



Google Analytics- This app will help you see how much traffic you get and where it comes from.  Knowing where your followers are finding you can be used as an advantage to get more traffic.

Facebook-This one is kind of obvious isn’t it?  I have my Facebook app on my phone, but I do not get notification alerts.  I do see when there are notifications, but like I said before I am perfectly fine without social media.  I check it maybe once or twice a day, depending on if I am expecting feedback.



Website on home screen-  I have all my websites on my home screen for easy access.  I decided to do this because I was constantly typing in the web address to post on my social media.  It saves time when all you have to do is press one button and you are on the home page of your website.

Text Swag-  I downloaded Text Swag to add super cute font to photos for my Pinterest ads.  This app is free and real easy to use and guess what?  You can share your edited photo straight from the app to your socials.

Photo editor- This app is another freebie I found and it is perfect for Instagram.  Some photos I want to post end up being a little cropped, Photo Editor automatically fits the image to Instagram.

WordPress (website host)- I use WordPress for all of my websites and I find have the app to check stats and updates does come in handy so you don’t have to type in the whole web address.

These are just my favorite app I currently have on my phone.  What apps are you using?


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