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The Meaning Behind Boss Woman CEO


I mentioned in How To Build Your Brand, that I would be doing a blog challenge in March.  Well, it is March 1st and this is the first post for the challenge.  I’m sure many of you understand the name but where did I get it?

During my discovery for my niche, I decided I wanted to help change the world.  Not fame, I would love to keep myself behind the computer as much as I can.  But I wanted to make a difference to women in the career world.  Whether they worked for someone or for themselves.  I wanted them to know it was okay to not know what the hell you are doing with yourself all the darn time, but that you will figure it out…..eventually.

There are so many women out there that will step on other women to get to the top.  What they don’t know is that there is plenty of room for everyone to be up there.  The quote “empowering women, empower women” is one of my favorite quotes that resemble what I want Boss Woman CEO to mean.


The name Boss Woman speaks for itself.  To be a boss ass woman that lives a rich life.  The CEO of the name only stands for you.  For you to be the CEO of yourself, your life, and your career.  Mastering what you want out of life will help you start reaching that goal quicker.  Taking charge of your financial situation and you job will help you achieve so many goals.  Learn what it is you want to do, and do it. Finding out what it is you want to do is not easy. But it will come to you.  Join the Boss Woman CEO for Entrepreneurs group on Facebook to start getting empowered.


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