Blog Challenge

Wish List Collage

Day 2 of March Blog Challenge

I was told to create a wish list collage.  My collage only consists of three photographs; our kids, the sunrise, and notebooks.  What is the resemblance?


I wish for our kids to grow up and hopefully they will be wonderful members of society.  That is all any parent wishes for, right?  I want them to grow up knowing that we love them and even if we didn’t let them stay up late or do something they wanted, that we said no for a very good reason.  I wish for them to know that raising them is the best adventure one could ever ask for.

The sunrise reminds me to cherish all moments and events experienced whether good or bad, they make you who you are.  They are beautiful and every one is different.  Not one sunrise is the same color day to day.

Notebooks resemble my love for writing and my plans I have for it.  No, I’m not sharing that information with you just yet, but know that it’ll happen soon.  Writing to me is therapeutic and fascinating.  There are no bounds to what you write and you never know that you will get if you just let the mind go.



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