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20 Facts About the CEO of Boss Woman

Day 3 of Blog Challenge

Here are 20 things you don’t know about the CEO of Boss Woman

  1. She is shy.
  2. She is socially awkward.
  3. Has two boys, and a step daughter
  4. Owns a Publishing Company
  5. Started her work career at 23.
  6. Increased her income by $15,000 in three years. (Not including her businesses)
  7. Divorced twice, never remarried.
  8. Independent
  9. Stubborn
  10. Dreams of a bigger home with library/office
  11. Is a Starbucks junkie.
  12. Used to be a huge tomboy. Boy clothes. Boy hair cut.  Crazy.
  13. Addicted to coffee and books.
  14. Owns a boutique
  15. Loves camping and anything outdoors
  16. Has eclectic taste in style.  One day jeans and a T, the next heels and a suit.
  17. Would rather stay home then go out.
  18. Loves to dance and sing
  19. Has several tattoos
  20. Absolutely loves all things Disney.

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