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How to Create A Bomb Resume

Resumes can be a pain in the you know what.  I remember when I first had to create one when I was about eighteen or nineteen and was trying to find my first full time job.  I had already been out of high school for about two years and I was over the multiple part time job business.  It was getting out of hand and quite frankly, I deserved a full time job.

At this point I had an idea on what to do considering we practice creating resumes in high school.  I’m not going to lie to you, upon writing this I have seen my resume from eight years ago and it is not pretty.  I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone!  Immediately I started drafting a new one.  Not because I am looking for new employment, but I think it’s healthy to go ahead and update it since I haven’t needed to in several years.  It was nice to see how far I have come since then.

You are trying to land a job, not have your resume thrown in the garbage will all the other toss out.  Honestly, if you turned in a resume and didn’t get called in to an interview chances are it wasn’t because you were not qualified for the job, but because your resume wasn’t appealing. (And I am not referring to experience).  When drafting a resume there are a few things to keep in mind.

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Eye Catching:  This is what I mean by appealing.  If you want someone to actually read your resume you will need to make it as eye catching as possible.  My resume includes my name in big font and bold letters at the top, highlighting my skills.

Throw out the unimportant:  Yes, we are going to delete some info off of your resume.  You need to get rid of the clutter.  Hiring managers often skim through resumes at first and they will not be interested in yours if it is full of mumbo jumbo and it’s overwhelming.  When redrafting mine I took out when I was a home maker, when I was a student, I changed my employment dates from exact to only the month and year.  This freed up a lot of space.  I also got rid of all my references and put “available upon request”.

One page: I know it is hard to put all of your qualifying agents on one page but do the best you can to.  Again, this helps with reduces the chances over being overwhelmed.  If you are like me and have several “jobs” that pertain to certain skills, we can find it very difficult to make our resume only one page.  If you absolutely can’t, at least take out the unimportant facts and just be sure to mention them in your interview.

Skills:  List your skills, but list them well.  There are several tips and tricks on this on Pinterest on how to word your skills and I suggest you use them.  One my first resume I didn’t even have any skills listed, only employment history.  Eight years later I have learned what I am good at and can provide for companies.  Wording is key.

Layout:  The layout of your resume assists in the eye catching category.  My layout is name at the top, big and bold.  Employment history below with dates and job duties.  I also, have a sidebar that has my contact information and skills.  I have developed many skills since my first draft.  You can also add any awards you have received.



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