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10 Ways to Make Money From Home


You can do this by asking people you know and tell them you are looking to babysit or you can go to to register and sign up as a caregiver.  Also, if you have Facebook I always see people on there asking if they know anyone who can watch so many kids for so many hours.  Just keep your eye out.  Recently I even saw an ad on for a caregiver.

Customer Call Representative

For this job you might have to be able to work flexible hours and there may be requirements like internet or Skype.  Do your research on these jobs though to make sure they are legit.  A couple of years ago I tried this out and unfortunately it was a scam.  There are companies out there though that allow employees to work remotely (Convergy’s).


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Virtual Assistant

You can earn anywhere from ten dollars an hour to twenty to thirty dollars an hour depending on the jobs you find.  You can even start this as its own business and work from home.  Again, do your research and make sure there is verified proof of payment

Data entry

If you just like to enter information into a system then this is the job for you.  Honestly, This was basically my job for seven years although I did have different jobs in a way they all related.  It was different data that was entered but it was still….data entry.


Believe it or not you can get paid to blog.  Either by ads on your website or doing sponsored post.  It pays to write quality content.  Interested in starting your own blog?  Head over to How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps


YouTube pays you for providing quality video content.  The catch?  It is way better to have more views.  They pay per click and per how many views that were actually watched all the way through.


Here are some freelance jobs you can do

Editor– have a knack for editing papers?  You can take online courses and be an editor in no time.

Writer– Do you enjoy writing articles, short stories, or anything?  Either come up with your own writing prompts or get told what to write you can earn money from home as a writer.

Copywriter-This is done before anything is sent to print.  Similar to editing and proofreading but very crucial to not miss any errors since this is the last stage of editing.

Proofreader–  Have an eye for spelling and grammar check?  You can become a proofreader and do this from home.

I do all these editing and proofreading jobs through  you can also use upwork to search the other jobs I mentioned.  Disclaimer, I am not associated with Upwork as a paid sponsor.  This is my own opinion and I find work through them.



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