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How To Find Your Niche 

If you have been reading my blog from the beginning you know that this all started with me talking about health and fitness as The Fit Hanna.  Almost a year later it morphed into a business blog discussing finances, business tips, and even some lifestyle angles.  I didn’t always want to cover business and quite frankly I still find it intimidating.  My articles revolve around my experiences and research.  Business and entrepreneurship became my main focus.

It was broughg to my attention that it is very common to not know what your niche is. Honestly, I thought I knew what mine was and health and fitness still interests me but not how Boss Woman CEO does.  I want to help you find your niche like I did.

Let’s brainstorm.  List things and ideas you enjoy or are very knowledgable of.  Don’t worry about how silly it sounds at first. We will be crossing things off the list. 

I am going to say this out of love.  I am all for trying new things especially when it comes to discovering yourself as long as it doesn’t cost you a dime. We want to make money not spend it.  At least, not yet anyways. 


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