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#1 Thing Boss Women Do

I am on day 9 9f the March challenge and I almost didn’t post today. The only reason is because I am feeling under the weather and fear a cold is coming.  Here I am not wanting to skip a day, but I waited until I had a little bit more energy.  

Feeling like this today inspired today’s post.  What do you think the number one thing Boss Women do?


Yes, we have a lot on our to do this, but what good os it going to do you if you are always sick?  Not taking care of this little sicknesses can cause you to get severely sick down the road. So, take care of yourself. Your work will still be there and you will feel so much better.  Let your mind and your body rest and recover so you can keep being a Boss Woman when you feel 100%.

Now, I am going to continue my rest. Forgive me for the shortness in post, but I got it posted😊

-Boss Woman


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