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What is that CRAZY Wrap Thing?

I first started with Itworks last year as a distributor.  Itworks Global offers a variety of products from health supplements to skin care, essential oils, and the famous mermaid hair vitamins.  They offer so many incentives for distributors such as an Itworks Cruise, weekly & monthly bonuses + your commission and all you do is post on your social media.  

Being successful with Itworks takes dedication and hard work if you want to be successful and work it full time.  How much you get out of it is how much you work it.  You can make anywhere from $200 a month to $10,000+ a month.  Like I said, this depends on effort.

I currently work from home for Itworks full time and my goal is to become double diamond ($6,035 monthly income not including weekly and monthly bonuses) by October. That gives me six months to reach my goal.  If I make it there before that, great.

Wrap Cash.  When you first join itworks as a distributor you will recieve a box of wraps amd other business tools to help you get started.  One way you earn income is wrap cash.  Wraps sell individually for $25 a piece.  This is a huge contributor to my income because wraps to me are absolutely amazing, along with all the other products. 

Customers can become loyal customers and recieve a 40% discount. So a box of wraps includes 4 wraps, and the LC price is $59.  That’s $40 in saving.

Looking to try our wraps?

Right now recieve 8 wraps for the price of 4!  Sign up as a loyal customer and recieve this great deal and start shaping the new you!

How it works:

šŸ”¹tightens, tones, & firms the skin

šŸ”¹redefines the appearance of your body’s contours

šŸ”¹improves skin texture & tightness

šŸ”¹mess free & simple to use

šŸ”¹results in as little as 45 minutes

šŸ”¹contains botanical extracts

45 minutes Later

Interested in becoming a distributor or loyal customer? Click here

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